Our technology can…

Adinfinity solves common industry problems.

Most major publishers face some or most of the following:

• Technical debt
• Slow or broken pages due to poor ad performance or 3rd party ad serving
• Dated technology
• Poor industrial standards
• Archaic integrations or poor couplings
• Poor vendor support
• Highly specialised resource shortages
• Large Networks and mismatched site technologies
• Geographically dispersed stakeholders and operations

Adinfinity is the solution to any of these common technical problems and many more. Our products solve problems to free our clients up to concentrate on high value publisher projects.

Why choose Adinfinity?


We are ad technology specialists

We have taken the pain out and put the innovation and technology into Ad Serving and Publisher solutions.

With over a decade of ad technology experience and 20 years of enterprise software development experience, we know exactly how ad vendors and technologies work.


We have the ad technology tools your team needs

Developments in products, ad formats, site code, rich media, privacy and security requirements have all resulted in trafficking, campaign management and technical support staff having to do far more than ever before.

Adinfinity solutions give your Ad Operations teams all the tools they need to: simplify their work and increase productivity and quality in day to day operations. They include debugging, tagging and testing tools Ad Operations teams will love.


We are the more commercial choice

Adinfinity is dedicated to making publisher properties profitable and affordable. We drive 25-40% higher media ROI through innovative use of the latest technology. The Adifinity platform improves yields, increases vendor choice, increases speed to market and reduces operating costs.

Our plug and go technology means there is no need to change providers, migrate campaigns or renegotiate contracts. This technology takes the commercial risks out of changing vendor which makes changes safe, quick and easy.