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We can help you commecialise your sites better by increasing yield and cutting costs.


Smart technology

Take advantage of the latest internet innovations to improve performance and maintainability

Ad Operations

Easy operations

Ad Operations is challenging. Our products are designed to help.

Ad Technology Specialists

Adinfinity are ad technology specialists. We have taken the pain out and put the innovation and technology into Ad Serving and Publisher solutions. With over a decade of ad technology experience and 20 years of enterprise software development experience, we know how ad vendors and technologies work.

A one stop solution to meet all your Ad Technology challenges

Most major publishers face some or most of the following:

  • Technical debt
  • Slow or broken pages due to poor ad performance or 3rd party ad serving
  • Dated technology
  • Poor industrial standards
  • Archaic integrations or poor couplings
  • Poor vendor support
  • Highly specialised resource shortages
  • Large Networks and mismatched site technologies
  • Geographically dispersed stakeholders and operations
  • Adinfinity is a one stop shop to all these technical problems and much more. Our products solve all these challenges and free our clients to concentrate on high value publisher projects.

    Better technology

    If you are a Major publisher, the likelihood is that you have inherited an ad serving infrastructure built up over years of different:

  • Enhancements
  • Projects 
  • Developers
  • Standards
  • Products
  • Content Management Systems
  • Code libraries
  • The list goes on and, in all probability, a vast amount of resources are spent in fixing and maintaining this technical debt. With large and highly commercialised sites, you cannot afford the time go back and start again. So, the vicious cycle continues.

    Adinfinity breaks the cycle. Our solutions are up to date, have been tested using the latest automated testing tools and have been built by ad serving experts for the most complex network environments. In a single deployment, you can remove all your ad technologies technical debt at a fraction of the effort and cost.

    Our solutions use the latest in internet technology and cloud computing to give you unlimited capacity and capabilities.

    Faster Ads and better site performance

    Poor ad and page performance is prevalent due to multiple 3rd party ad calls and the way ads are called which hold a page until an ads server responds and renders an ad. Ad technologies and coding practices have lagged significantly behind advances in web programming and industry standards. Many of todays workarounds to these issues cause far more problems than they are worth and remove any flexibility in product innovation.

    Changing an entire industry will take some time. However, Adinfinity has pioneered a suite of products and features using a proprietary technology that solves these problems today.

    Our MediaAdapt™ API supports Post-Content and ViziAds as out of the box functionality.

    It also still supports the old Inline ad calls and iFrames


    Using the MediaAdapt™ solution, clients can mix and match as required...even on the same page. Easily run multiple ad servers, google ads, ad tag manipulations, multiple analytics tags and mix and match methods on the same page.

    No network or requirement is too hard. Contact us for a demo.

    Easy integration

    Poor integrations and brittle couplings are too often the norm with major publisher implementations.

    Adinfinty's MediaAdapt™ product has been specifically built as a universal integrated framework. It represents a single platform to plug in any vendor technology you want, and seamlesly integrate them in to a single powerful solution.

    Use any:

  • Display and Text based Ad server
  • Ad Network
  • Behavioural targeting
  • Site Analytics
  • Market Analytics
  • Data collection
  • Industry privacy compliance rules
  • All these can be deployed simply through the MediaAdapt™ platform.

    Vendor product support

    Do you understand all your vendors' products enough to support them and all your business need as well?

    Ad and publishers technologies is all we do. Adinfinity builds modular solutions that are simple to deploy and can be shared across all our clients using those vendors. By doing this we can resolve most vendor specific issues within our products and our clients benefit from this specialisation, scale and high degree of testing.

    Our modular design means clients can utilise our existing standard vendor modules or we can add new vendors quickly on request. No need to know how their tagging works or their product deployment idiosyncrasies.

    Our solutions free you to concentrate on your businesses core functions and capabilities.

    Why waste valuable resources in ad maintenance?

    Hiring, training and keeping ad technology technical resources is difficult and costly.

    Adinfinity removes this business risk. Our solutions are designed to be easily understood and deployed by any front end resource. Once implemented, it is more or less "set and forget". Our unique and centralised code base allows for universal upgrades, product improvements, automated testing and deployment with little further maintenance or prior specialised knowledge.

     Our consulting services can assist with any enhancements and challenges.

    Large Networks and Site Groups

    Whether clients have one huge site or a network of hundreds (or thousands) of sites utilising different Content Management Systems and technologies, Adinfinity products are universally compatible and ideal for these needs.

    Deploying our solutions means the more complex the client setup:

  • The simpler the maintenance becomes
  • Higher the return
  • Greater the opportunity
  • Faster the deployment speed
  • Greater the maintenance and operational support savings
  • No network is too large, complicated or distributed. Adinfinity products are specifically designed to remove the overhead of large geographically dispersed networks with possible distributed maintenance and commercial responsibilities.

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