More revenue, less cost

We can help you commecialise your sites better by increasing yield and cutting costs.


Smart technology

Take advantage of the latest internet innovations to improve performance and maintainability

Ad Operations

Easy operations

Ad Operations is challenging. Our products are designed to help.

High Returns (ROI)

Adinfinity is dedicated to making publisher properties profitable and affordable. Efficiency and high ROI through innovative use of the latest technology is built into everything we do. Commercial outcomes and results are the driving force behind our solutions, services and products. The Adifinity platform is an ideal solution to:

  • Improve yields
  • Increase vendor choice
  • Increase speed to market
  • Reduce operating costs

Through the combination of our framework and unique proprietary plug and go technology, we take the pain of change out of the fastest changing industry.

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ViziAds™ proprietary solution

Adinfinity has the most effective solution to: reduce ineffective ads, reduce ad serving costs and increase yields.

ViziAds™ is a unique and proprietary technology, included in the MediaAdapt™API for publishers, which allows ads to be shown only when site users can see the ads. If users do not scroll down the page, the ads are never called from the Publisher or the Advertiser's ad server. 

Benefits of ViziAds for Publishers

For Publishers the result is:

  • Better Click Through Rates
  • Higher yields
  • Lower ad serving costs
  • Better reputation
  • Faster pages & better user experience

For Agencies and Advertisers:

  • Lower ad serving costs
  • Better data and insights
  • Less monitoring required for those publishers running ViziAds™
    and the MediaAdapt™ API
  • Better spending control and media planning
Higher Ad Inventory Yields

Our unique products are guaranteed to provide higher overall yields. A big statement!


On average, 2/3rds of all ads run on major publisher sites are below the fold. Ads at the bottom of the page can have less than 1/20th of the exposure of above the fold ads.

How do publishers currently deal with this?

Serve these ads, pay for ad serving, discount enormously or run remnant inventory in these locations. They can also develop a false reputation for being ineffective environments to advertise in.

What do Agencies and Advertisers currently get?

High Ad serving costs of their own, double counting, double billing on acquisition campaigns and a lot of administrative overheads.

Mix and match the best Ad Vendor Solutions

Why stick to one vendor?

Vendors can be the leaders in one product but fall far short of business requirements in another. Adinfinity is a vendor agnostic publisher tools provider and we work with all product and service vendors to bring you the capability to mix and match in any number of different combinations.

Find it slow to deploy new products?

Adinfinity will put the control back in your hands. Your sites and products will easily keep pace with new technology using our solutions and services at a fraction of your historical change costs and effort.

Have a large network of sites?

Our solutions make changes universally across your entire network and are universally compatible across technologies. Upgrading is virtually instantaneous with no commercial risk or downtime.

Have multiple commercial arrangements across multiple ad units or geographic zones?

The bigger the network and the more complex your arrangements, the greater the impact, flexibility and savings our solutions will provide. Contact us today and see what our solutions can do.

More Commercial Choices

Historically, once an ad technology solution is in place, the cost, pain and effort prevents a change...even if the needs of the publisher have changed or it is commercially the right decision.

Our solutions make vendor changes safe, quick and easy.

The technology is equally applicable to upgrading with you current providers.

Upgrading to new versions with your current vendors can also have a positive product and commercial outcome.

Adinfinity takes the commercial risks out of these technology changes.

Existing Vendor Compatibility

No need to change providers, migrate campaigns or renogotiate contracts. 

All these benefits come out of the box. MediaAdapt™ is 100% compatible with legacy ad serving technologies and works with all major ad servers. MediaAdapt comes with a selection of Vendor Plugins and come included in the implementation of our publisher solutions.

Adinfinity does not interfere with the Publisher/Vendor relationship. We just simplify the deployment and management of all vendors on our client sites.

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