5 Good reasons to use our solutions
  • High Returns
  • Operational tools
  • Low Maintenance
  • Better Performance
  • Speed to market easy compliance
Our products are designed for high Return On Investment (ROI)

Adinfinity is dedicated to making publisher properties profitable and affordable. Efficiency and high ROI through innovative use of the latest technology is built into everything we do. Commercial outcomes and results are the driving force behind our solutions, services and products. The Adifinity platform is an ideal solution to:

  • Improve yields
  • Increase vendor choice
  • Increase speed to market
  • Reduce operating costs

Through the combination of our framework and unique proprietary plug and go technology, we take the pain of change out of the fastest changing industry.

Empower your Ad Operations Teams

Ad Operations teams are busier than ever. Developments in products, ad formats, site code, rich media, privacy and security requirements have all resulted in trafficking, campaign management and technical support staff having to do far more than ever before. All this in an industry growing at astronomical rates. However, there have been no incremental improvements in operational tools and often with relatively fewer staff.

Adinfinity solutions give your Ad Operations teams all the tools they need to: simplify their work and increase productivity and quality in day to day operations. They include debugging, tagging and testing tools Ad Operations teams will love.

Why waste valuable resources in ad maintenance?

Most major publishers face some or most of the following:

  • Technical debt
  • Slow or broken pages due to poor ad performance or 3rd party ad serving
  • Dated technology
  • Poor industrial standards
  • Archaic integrations or poor couplings
  • Poor vendor support
  • Highly specialised resource shortages
  • Large Networks and mismatched site technologies
  • Geographically dispersed stakeholders and operations
  • Adinfinity is a one stop shop to all these technical problems and much more. Our products solve all these challenges and free our clients to concentrate on high value publisher projects.

    Faster Ads and better site performance

    Poor ad and page performance is prevalent due to multiple 3rd party ad calls and the way ads are called which hold a page until an ads server responds and renders an ad. Ad technologies and coding practices have lagged significantly behind advances in web programming and industry standards. Many of todays workarounds to these issues cause far more problems than they are worth and remove any flexibility in product innovation.

    Changing an entire industry will take some time. However, Adinfinity has pioneered a suite of products and features using a proprietary technology that solves these problems today.

    Our MediaAdapt™ API supports Post-Content and ViziAds as out of the box functionality.

    It also still supports the old Inline ad calls and iFrames


    Using the MediaAdapt™ solution, clients can mix and match as required...even on the same page. Easily run multiple ad servers, google ads, ad tag manipulations, multiple analytics tags and mix and match methods on the same page.

    No network or requirement is too hard. Contact us for a demo.

    Industry Standard in Ad Technology Deployment

    Adinfinity is dedicated to making the deployment of ad serving technologies and publisher solutions as simple and universally standard as possible. As such we are the the first commercial/enterprise grade platform of this kind.

    As well as maximising commercial benefits, we assist publishers to easily comply with immerging industry, international and national privacy standards.

    Our unique modular design allows for platform users to easily plug and play the latest regulatory privacy rules.

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