ViziAds™ for Advertisers (VFA)

Adinfinity is proud to announce ViziAds™ for Advertisers (VFA).

ViziAds for Advertisers allows Advertisers to serve only visible ads with any publisher. The solution goes a step beyond other suppliers who count Viewable Impressions and fixes an industry problem before it happens.

VFA is a one stop solution to solve an industry problem hotly debated internationally at the IAB. ViziAds™ does not count the problem, it fixes it.
  • VFA can be ordered and deployed immediately.
  • Requires no complicated implementations.
  • Works with all existing Advertiser and Publisher vendors. 
  • No technology or supplier changes are required.
  • Can be used for an entire network or down to an individual campaign creative level.

VFA uses the same proprietary technology that has been available in MediaAdapt with ViziAds™. MediaAdapt is a vendor-agnostic Publisher Ad Technology framework which includes ViziAds™ for Publishers.

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