ViziAds - Visible Ad Technology

Over 30% of all display ads go unseen

ViziAds™ serves ads only if they become visible to a site user. This industry first product improves ad effectiveness and reporting, increases yields and lowers ad serving costs. It also decreases clients’ costs, improves campaign accuracy and brings true industry accountability. 

ViziAds™comes as an Advertiser or Publisher solution. It is vendor agnostic and can be used with any Publisher or Advertiser ad serving system.

ViziAds™ for Publishers

ViziAds™ for Advertisers


Beyond Viewable Impressions

ViziAds goes beyond the current debate and provides a real solution for viewable impressions.

Where as many of the current industry approaches to the issue of ineffective unseen ads is to: count, quantify or report on the problem, ViziAds provides the actual solution. It fixes the problem before it occurs guaranteeing true accountability and commercial benefits for all parties concerned.

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