ExactTarget Landing Pages made easy

ETForms is a brand new form building tool, designed from scratch to integrate seamlessly with ExactTarget. ETForms incorporates marketing user feedback and addresses limitations and frustrations of working with other form builders and existing landing pages in ExactTarget. It is easier, faster and more powerful and can be used to replace the existing form builder.

Adinfinity is an early ExactTarget development partner, and has built ETForms as a native ExactTarget HubExcahnge App. It will be officially released and available in the ExactTarget's Hub Exchange in mid September 2013.

Enterprise Marketing Forms in Minutes

ETForms is an easy to use drag and drop data collection and landing pages form builder. Leverage all the great features of ExactTarget’s landing pages without any technical or programming knowledge.

With ETForms, business, marketing and non-technical users can build advanced and professional looking forms in a matter of minutes. The result is powerful landing pages, which are totally integrated with ExactTarget’s data extensions and user interface.

ETForms Benefits

  • Easy drag and drop form building
  • User friendly and intuitive UI
  • Native data storage in ExactTarget for easy integration with campaign automation
  • Simple data extraction and reporting through UI
  • Easy and flexible client branding options
  • Copy previous forms
  • Web, device & mobile compatible

Enterprise Security

Safety conscious Enterprise clients have the peace of mind of only storing collected data within ExactTarget environment. No customer data is stored outside the approved secure environment ensuring security compliance without any incremental work. Transfer of information to and from the forms is further secured using SSL.

ETForms Features

  • Basic theming managed via UI
  • Specify mandatory fields, data validation and form messages
  • Clone an existing form
  • Upload files with large file facility
  • Captcha facility for validating human entry
  • Administration page to manage forms, download data & files
  • Web, tablet and mobile optimised forms
  • User can create custom CSS for styling and branding
  • Integrated ExactTarget security and UI
  • Competition start and stop times with messages
  • Single or multiple user entry option
  • Unique entries based on a mandatory field 
  • Standalone branded forms or iFraming options

Advanced Features

  • Transcoding uploaded image, video and audio files
  • Tabs and pagination
  • Reflexive questions
  • Multiple notifications, alerts and API triggers
  • Realtime email triggering through API
  • Built in Google Analytic tracking and custom 3rd party tracking
ETForms Editions

Enterprise: 500 forms per month for all business units on an Enterprise account. Includes advanced upload and transcoding features.
Professional: 10 forms per month for 1 business unit.
Starter: 2 forms per month

License is based on the number of unique landing pages created and running in any one month

Like ExactTarget, ETForms is provided as software as a service (SAAS), requiring no hosting or system management. Simply order and start using within ExactTarget Interactive Marketing Hub (IMH) immediately.

Please contact us for more information and a demonstrations.

Video, Audio & Image Transcoding


For image based transcoding, the following options are available :

  • Resize to a given width or height
  • Crop, Clip, Scale or Fit image
  • Crop to a specified rectangle
  • Crop aligned with the edge or crop with faces centred.
  • Convert images to JPG or PNG
  • Specify conversion quality for jpg conversions (1-100)
  • Rotate based on EXIF data or 0-360 degrees
  • Add a supplied PNG watermark (with scaling) at specified position
  • Upload size can be set at form level, otherwise the default limit is 5Mb per file
  • Enterprise account come with 1000 files per month included.


There is optional video/audio encoding available with Enterprise accounts. This is charged by the amount of data input and output from the encoding process.

Every transformation process is very flexible and has a lot of options and features.

Sample Usage Calculation

Input File(s)    = 1.0 GB

Output File(s) = 0.5GB

Total Processed = 1.5 GB


Storage of all files is in the assigned client storage. For Enterprise accounts, there is 10 GB of storage included. 

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