Ad Technology Products
MediaAdapt is our vendor agnostic advertising framework and is the heart of our solution. MediaAdapt introduces multivendor support for asynchronous ad serving, site and market analytics, behavioral targeting and text advertising. This product is network scaled to easily accommodate hundreds or thousands of websites. It offers a high performance and fully configurable solution, which includes advanced ad operations debugging features.

ViziAds™ serves ads only if they become visible to a site user. This industry first product enables publishers to improve below the fold yields and to lower ad serving costs. It also decreases their clients’ costs, improves campaign accuracy and brings true industry accountability. 

ViziAds™ for Publishers

ViziAds™ for Advertisers


ProfileShare is an anonymous cross-domain profile store enabling publishers to leverage user data across all their systems on their own network of sites. This opens up the opportunity to cross sell or cross promote as well as carrying over data to/from systems such as EDM, databases and subscriptions and integrates seamlessly with analytics, ad serving and targeting.

GeoSwitch detects a user’s location and integrates with analytic and ad serving to allow you to switch to a completely different set of technology vendors based on location. An ideal solution for multinational portals, international ad networks and sites with multi-regional commercial partnerships.

Other Products
AIForms for ExactTarget
ETForms for ExactTarget is an easy to use drag and drop data collection and landing pages form builder for the ExactTarget marketing platform.

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