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By SuperUser Account on Wednesday, 2 May 2012
New ExactTarget integrated products launched Adinfinity will be promoting two ExactTarget integrated products at the Connect Global Tour Sydney

MediaAdapt with ViziAds – which is now distributed globally by Adstream as AdInfinity. This Ad Technology API makes it easy to integrate cross channel marketing, advertising and analytics (EDM to Display to Analytics, back to EDM). It is an ideal solution for major Ad Server migrations and large network management.  AIForms for ExactTarget – An easy to use form builder for ExactTarget.  Want a ticket to Connect Tour Australia?

By SuperUser Account on Monday, 2 April 2012

After many conversations with Publishers, Agencies and Industry leaders, Adinfinity CCO, gives a simple numerical example to prove less is more. Specifically, that publishers can make more profit with less ads using Adinfinity's ViziAds product.

By SuperUser Account on Saturday, 3 December 2011

Adinfinity debuts a remarkable suite of new ad technologies to the IAB including ViziAds, which displays ads on publisher sites only when they become viewable in the users' browser. This solution provides a spectrum of in-demand benefits to publishers, advertisers and agencies, ad technology vendors, and site users.

By SuperUser Account on Sunday, 9 October 2011
Adinfinity is proud to announce the launch of MediaAdapt™ advanced media API. MediaAdapt™ is a comprehensive publisher solution for managing:

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