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AdInfinity is a company dedicated to innovative publisher and advertising solutions. We believe that innovation provides limitless potential to commercialise and mantain todays most sophisticated enterprise websites.

Ad technology has struggled to keep up with the latest web innovations and Publishers have been constrained by their ability to deploy enterprise solutions without putting risk to their businesses or incurring huge costs.

AdInfinity provides powerful vendor agnostic solutions. Our consulting services help our clients with strategic commercial decisions and our products can make these a quick reality. They are designed to be easy, safe, innovative and always deliver a high return on investment.

Ad Technology Solution Benefits By Role

More revenue, less cost

We can help you commecialise your sites better by increasing yield and cutting costs.


Smart technology

Take advantage of the latest internet innovations to improve performance and maintainability

Ad Operations

Easy operations

Ad Operations is challenging. Our products are designed to help.

Why Our Solutions?

Here are five reasons why Enterprise Publishers should implement our MediaAdapt Ad Technology solutions today. 


No matter how big or complex your network or systems, we can help you with your enterprise requirements.

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